Plenary sessions

Didier Beutier, AREVA, Nuclear: most effective on both economic and environmental dimensions
Frank Carré, CEA, Climate change: why nuclear energy is part of the solution
Pierre Colin, ATMEA, Adapting NPP design to external hazards
Pedro Dieguez-Porras, ENEN, European Nuclear Education Network: opportunities in networking
Kirsty Gogan Alexander, Energy for Humanity, Nuclear & Environment: an environmentalist perspective
Mike Kirst, Westinghouse, Role of nuclear power in a cleaner and more distributed European power market
Pierre Le Coz, CEA, Gen IV reactors: optimizing the impact of nuclear power on the environment?
Ellina Levina, IEA, Energies and climate change
William D. Magwood, OECD-NEA, Changing electricity markets: the role of Nuclear Energy
Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Climate Change: where do we stand?
Melanie Sachar, EDF Energy, Hinkley Point C: Innovation in Nuclear Knowledge Management
Erik Setzman, Swedish nuclear fuel and waste mangement company, Swedish geological disposal and societal impact
David Shumacher, Discovering nuclear: a filmmaker’s perspective
David E. Shropshire, IAEA, Environmental issues in New Nuclear Power Programs
Myrto Tripathi, Global Compact France, COP21, Challenges and Opportunities
Christophe Trzpit, Example of the French energy mix
Georges Van Goethem Dr Ir, Euratom research and training program under Horizon 2020 ; text
Olivier Wantz, Impact of mining on the environment: AREVA’s policy
Climate Gamble

Panel session “How to communicate about Nuclear?”

Thomas Branche, Assytem
David Hess
, World Nuclear Association
Hugo Marynissen, Antwerp management school

Panel session “Changing energy market”

Jan Horst Keppler, Université Paris-Dauphine and OECD-NEA